Venture Capital Advice

Early Stage Companies

We provide advice to early-stage companies including with respect to:

  • Introductions, where appropriate, to potential investors on behalf of early-stage companies;
  • Incorporation and organization of new companies and the structuring of share and investment capital;
  • Form of financing for early stage companies including equity (common and preferred shares), debt and convertible debt offerings;
  • Negotiations with potential investors regarding valuations and investment structuring;
  • Contractual and commercial negotiations with investors, customers, suppliers, consultants and employees;
  • Dispute resolution with investors, current and former customers, suppliers, consultants and employees;
  • Retaining, managing and coordinating all additional professional services advisors such as accountants and auditors, management consultants and tax advisors;
  • Interfacing and liaising with regulators; and
  • General business matters.


We provide advice to venture capital and private equity investors including with respect to:

  • Legal and business due diligence analysis and reporting regarding prospective investment opportunities;
  • Negotiations with potential investee companies regarding the nature of an investment and valuations;
  • Structuring investments, whether by way of equity (common and preferred shares), debt (secured or unsecured), convertible debt or combinations thereof;
  • Investment, partnership, limited partnership and/or shareholders’ agreements to protect and manage investments;
  • Private investment funds or vehicles;
  • Corporate governance and regulatory compliance; and
  • Dispute resolution with investee companies.

Management Consulting

We provide management consulting to early-stage companies and venture capital and private equity investors including:

  • Strategic and business analysis with respect to potential corporate investment or acquisition opportunities;
  • Review and installation of suitable internal controls for early-stage companies to establish rigorous and efficient accountability to investors; and
  • Negotiating and executing corporate initiatives, especially with third parties, i.e. regulators, business partners and other professional services providers.